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Betsy Hilliard in her NYC apartment's closet which is full of the best counterfeit handbags

About Betsy Hilliard

I am Betsy Hilliard and I love handbags. Unfortunately, I work and live in NYC and I cannot afford to buy the on-brand handbags like Gucci, Coach or Hermes . The genuine bags are so expensive and way out of my frugal budget. Instead, I buy “fake” handbags and I put them to the test on this website. I determine which fakes are consistently the best quality handbags. Bags that are well designed, inside and out is what I look for. Some bags can degrade over time. Quality materials coupled with excellent workmanship can result in a great quality fake handbag. It is these fake bags that can last a lifetime, much like their genuine cousins.

I believe that deep down most women crave the genuine item but will put up with a fake. They may purchase a counterfeit handbag to get favorable admirations from their closest friends. They can also want to trick people around them into thinking that they are really much wealthier than they are. Whatever the reasons to buy, fake handbags are here to stay. I believe that there is great utility in a finely crafted, well thought out, faux leather handbag. I only see the brand names as an added plus. Many counterfeit handbags can be just great all-around purses. The lower price makes them more attractive to buyers. Surprisingly, many fake handbags are actually made in the same factories as the genuine articles.

Betsy Hilliard Favorite Knock-Off Handbags

My favorite knock-off handbags are Hermes Birkin bags and Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) handbags. I find that their fakes’ consistently have the softest leather and smoothest metal zippers. This is a subtle feature that counterfeit handbag makers often overlook in the process. When I compare the price tags from some of the on-brand handbags in retail stores, to my own counterfeit ones in my NYC apartment closet, it always reminds me of the great deal that I was able to find.

Canal Street and Chinatown, New York City

I live in Downtown, New York City and I pass through Canal Street every morning on my way to the office. I always make sure to take a quick look at the latest handbag shipments from China and Hong Kong. Even other countries like Korea, The Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam are producing great quality bags. At the Canal Street storefronts, there is always a good deal to be found. I am there almost everyday to seek them out for you.

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