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Fake Handbags For Those Who Cannot Afford The Real Thing


High Quality Counterfeit Handbags “Super-Fakes” Are Close to the Real Thing

When it comes to buying a fake handbag, quality is often the biggest issue for buyers. Buyers often worry that the quality of a counterfeit bag will not match up to the quality of the genuine product. Buying a “Super Fake” handbag is often the answer to concerns about the quality of fake handbags. All “Super Fakes” are designed to be identical to genuine handbags all the way down to the stitching and materials. This breed of fakes comes with a price tag that can climb into the thousands of dollars, but never cost as much as the genuine handbag does. The handbags look and feel just like the real product and use genuine leather as well as identical stitching techniques. “Super Fakes” can even fool the experts.

How Good is the Quality of “Super-Fake” Handbags and are They Worth the Splurge for Quality?

It is said that a counterfeit can be called a “super fake” if it can hang in the window of the original retail store and go undetected as a fake. Some “super fakes” are so high quality that they can often be taken into the genuine retailer and be serviced. Even the service staff do not realize it is fake.

Ratings for Fake Handbags

There is a grading system for determining the quality of a fake handbag. The “B” quality handbag is the very lowest grade. A handbag rated “B” is cheap, plastic, and undeniably fake. Secondly an “A” is okay quality, the handbag will be good enough for most buyers. Handbags with an “A+” or “AAA” rating is of good quality, but still distinguishable as a fake. A “1:1” bag is a “super fake” and is of the absolute finest quality. High quality counterfeit handbags do exist, but the price and availability are often the problem. They can be rare and expensive.

Real and Super Fake Chanel Handbag high quality counterfeit handbags
Super-Fake Handbags Are Getting Harder To Spot

What are “Super Fakes”? The High Quality Counterfeit Handbags

There are a variety of rumors surrounding where “super fakes” actually come from. The common idea is that people steal handbags from genuine handbag factories. The thought is that workers smuggled them out or saved them from destruction.

Genuine handbags with even the slightest imperfections are sent off to be destroyed. Some workers try to take a few bags that were meant to be destroyed. The employees sneak them out of the factory and attempt to sell them themselves. Unfortunately, all signs point to these rumors being completely fabricated. “Super fakes” are most likely made by an independent manufacturer with a careful eye and a steady hand.

Finding “Super Fake” Handbags

Finding “super fake” high quality counterfeit handbags can be tricky. Pictures online may not actually reflect the bag sold, as many sellers steal pictures from genuine websites or websites with better looking fakes. Other websites use pictures of the most well-made knockoff handbag out of the manufacturing batch. The rest of the bags in the batch are usually of varying quality. Handbags may falsely claim to be a “super fake”. Even ‘reputable’ fake handbag websites, that usually produce beautiful “super fakes”, have slipped up with poor quality products in their inventory.

This discrepancy is why buying in person is so much better than buying high quality counterfeit handbags online. In a location such as Canal Street in Chinatown in New York City, the buyer is able to feel the quality of the bag and determine if a bag is truly a “super fake”. Buying bags in person also negates the risk of credit card fraud as most street sellers only accept cash. However, buying handbags in-person may increase the physical risk inherent in making a shady purchase. To read more about the risks associated with buying fake handbags, read Criminalizing The Sale Of Fake Handbags Puts Buyers at Risk.

Why People Purchase “Super Fakes”

Some may argue that buying a “super fake” handbag is pointless. Many believe this because you could get a pre-owned, genuine item for roughly the same price as a high quality counterfeit handbag. The inherent stigma of fake bags is that they are somewhat tacky. There are services that will authenticate used bags for a fee to give the buyer peace of mind. However, “super fakes” are often hard to identify. As replicas can be so good, the person inspecting “super fakes” must be a true expert of the brand to be able to tell the difference.

“Super fakes” blur the line and are often used to scam buyers into making a purchase that they think is a discounted or a pre-owned genuine bag. This is why it is always best to purchase handbags from a certified retailer. It is best to buy a purse from any source that can verify the authenticity of the handbag. With that said, even genuine handbag stores have accidentally sold “super fakes” without realizing it.